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Payment Options

Our Ambien online pharmacy offers various payment options to our customers. Millions of people from around the world are getting the drug from us. So to make it easy for them to pay for the medication we have set up different payment methods.

Some of the payment options that we are planning to offer to our customers are Debit card, e-checks, and Western Union.

You can see here that there are a lot of payment options offered by us. So it means that you are provided with an opportunity to pick one of your wishes.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is one such method that our customers can choose from. However, this payment method is restricted to only for some people. Those customers who are located very close to the working location of our online pharmacy are eligible to make use of this option. Once the medication parcel reaches your place you can do the payment to the delivery person. It is a must that you have to pay it only by cash and no other means of payment are recommended.

Payment procedure for Master Card & E-Check

In our Payment Section, you are expected to choose the option that you wish to opt for. If you have chosen the Debit card payment then you would be taken to the page where this mode of payment can be done. Initially, you are supposed to provide details about your card. Some of the information like name, card number and CVV number should be provided. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and after entering the OTP, your transaction will be processed successfully.

(You have to provide only correct details about the card or else you cannot make the payment)

These details offered by each and every customer would be kept really safe. You need not have to bother about information breach in this online pharmacy. This online pharmacy would not sell or provide any detail about our customer to the third parties at any cost.

Those people who have queries about the payment options can speak to the customer care team. In fact, the representatives would also help you in ordering the medication online.

Our customers would find using these payment options to be convenient. Any information that you offer to us about the card or you would not be leaked from our site. It is a must that you have supposed to log out from the online pharmacy after the purchase is made.

There are chances that others might misuse your information provided to us with the help of your account. Speak to our customer care team and they would let you know about the safety measures that you are supposed to follow.

These instructions would be very much simple and easy to be followed by you. To make it very clear and to the point, the two options that we offer to our customers as of now are – MasterCard and e-Check. The other payment options are under process and will be up live as soon as possible.

Payment options can help you to do the medication purchase online very easily as we have 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer. Just connecting your details about the card would make you be less worried about the payment. Our options are secure and stress-free for the customers.