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Delivery Proof

Our World’s Premier Ambien store (Ambienwithoutprescriptionpharmacy.com) offers you both electronic and physical proof of delivery. We ensure that you receive e-bill and delivery invoice without fail. It also depends on from which region you had placed the order. We would like you to know that we make sure that you would receive the physical proof. However, you would have to sign the consignment or POD form irrespective of physical or electronic form the POD is. It serves both our purposes, you can raise the queries regarding our delivery services and for us, it would serve as proof of confirmation about whether the product is delivered or not.


ambienwithoutprescriptionpharmacy.com delivery live notificationThis facility will allow you to grasp the picture of where the package is exactly at. You will be getting messages continuously to your registered mobile numbers regarding the status of the order.

This facility is completely free and we do not charge even a penny.

The advantages of getting Mobile Notifications:

  • You need not take the strain to locate the status of the package; you can stay stress-free all through the transit.
  • You can make certain changes accordingly to the delivery time as you would be informed the time at least a day before.
  • In case of any unforeseen circumstances like Accident, Natural disaster you would be intimated and the possible time of delivered will be notified.
  • It serves as a proof of the order you’ve made. In case you had not received the product you have every right to immediately make a complaint to our consumer support.
  • There are exceptional benefits like Tracking, Priority delivery and cancellation (in case of prolonged delays).

You can effortlessly turn-off the notifications:

In case you did not find any use with the notifications, you can turn off them easily. You can notify this wish to our consumer support representative he would take forward the request as soon as possible. You can also make the required changes to your profile by marking the mobile notifications option you will not receive any message from then on.


ambienwithoutprescriptionpharmacy.com delivery challanYou will be given a challan as the order reaches your doorstep. It is known as Delivery challan, which is a form where you to have sign accepting the delivery. It serves as a proof of delivery to you and us. We would be able to know that the shipment has delivery properly and you were satisfied with the service.

In case you deny signing the challan, the product will not be handed over to you. It is the only proof for you had received the order, we had operated properly. It is recommended that you check the product before making the sign.

The Benefits of Delivery Challan

  • It would help us to trace the shipping status. In case you haven’t signed the challan, we would know that the product hasn’t reached you yet and In case of prolonged delays, we will take necessary action.
  • As you sign the challan, we perceive that you have become our loyal consumer. We try our best to maintain a good rapport with you.
  • We practice 3-point delivery system for giving you the best shipping experience.
  • All the intricate details will be prescribed in the challan sheet. You can make use of them if a necessity arises.
  • With the first experience, you can get to know about the shipping companies in a detailed manner and choose whether to become a loyal consumer or not.
  • Please note only when you sign the delivery challan you will be able to claim returns or refunds, in case of damages and other problems.