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ambienwithoutprescriptionpharmacy.com order processing

To make sure that you understand the order processing at ambienwithoutprescriptionpharmacy.com clearly, we have listed down the entire process. We have constructed the following description in a way that you would understand the process of ordering precisely and concisely. Please follow the below passage for understanding how we operate the process from your payment to the delivery.

DAY 1 –The first phase

As you know the process will be initiated by your interest in buying medicine from the world’s premier Ambien store. The first day is a combination of many activities;

  • You would register in Ambien store and get to know the details of the product. As you enter all your details, our consumer support representative will call you in a couple of hours once the process of verification is complete.
  • Instantly the transaction will be processed and you would receive the receipt once we receive the payment.

DAY 2 – The second phase

Once we receive the payment our immediate step would be transferring your order to the delivery or shipping section. They will instantly verify the stock available and dispatch your order straightaway once the stock is available. We assure the stock availability is not a barrier from our side; we pre-plan the stock operations and make follow-ups every now and then.

DAY 3 – The third phase

Quality check is one of the most substantial tasks in our operations. We ensure the medicines are undergoing quality checks thoroughly, there is a department assigned which will ensure the finest quality of the tablets that are packed. The next immediate step is Packaging. We are consumer-friendly in terms of packaging. We parcel the tablets in a discreet package to bypass the hostile environmental changes all through the transit.

Day 4 – The fourth phase

As the product gets shipped via courier companies, the unique tracking code would be generated for your benefit. You can track the courier in the midst of transit until it gets delivered at your doorstep. The tracking code which is generated will be sent to your mobile number and registered email id.

Day 6 – The fifth phase

As soon as the tracking number gets activated, you can check the status of your order. It would be favorable to trace and find the date of delivery. In case you will not available at the delivery time you can very well contact one of our support representatives and place a request for delivery at neighbor’s home or at your friend’s house.

Day 7 to Day 21 – The final phase

Once the shipment gets clearance from the transportation authority, it will be transferred immediately to a nearby warehouse. The order will be dispatched and handed over to courier agent. He will deliver the order within no time. In the meantime, you will be given the contact number of the delivery person.