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Tweet Battles between Ambien Manufacturers and Roseanne Barr! – A new buzz about Taking Ambien

Roseanne Barr had made a racial tweet in May that involved ValerieJarrett. She has deleted the tweet and apologized for it. However, in anotherpost in social media,she claimed that it was an Ambien tweet. That post hasalso since been deleted. The fact that she was taking Ambien cannot be treatedas an excuse for her racial outbursts on Twitter. This was publically said by Sanofithe company that manufactures Ambien. They have said that even thoughpharmaceutical drugs have side effects the drugs they manufactured do not have racismas a possible side effect.

M/s Barrhas faced backlash for the tweet and her show on ABC was canceled. Even though she has said that her racial tweet was Ambien tweet, she is not the first person to blame Ambien for their actions. Many of the people who were taking Ambien and have blamed it for many of their actions. In fact, Ambien controversy has been around since the time the drug has been introduced into the market. People who have taken or taking Ambien has reported several side effects. These side effects include sleepwalking and binge eating. But M/s Barr might be the first person to talk about Ambien tweet with relationship with racial outbursts. In Ambien News, it has been reported people have crashed into posts while driving and not remembering what happened. Many have said that when taking Ambien they have done things about which they have no memory. Ambien Buzz is that people who have taken the drug had experienced what they described as zombie-like behavior.

People and even the company has accepted that the use of pharmaceutical drugs will have side effects and Ambien tweet might be one of them. However, no one is willing to accept that racism is one of these side effects.

According to Dr. Rachel Salaswho works in Johns Hopkins Medicine as an associate professor of neurology in their sleep medicine division, it is possible for people to tweet or send messages while using the drug. The worst part is that they may not remember that they sent the tweet or message. That is why M/s Salas advises people not to keep either their phones or any electronics items next to them while they asleep under the effects of the drug.

Reasons why people take Ambien

Ambien is a drug that people use to treat insomnia.

The Controversy of taking Ambien

Ambien controversy is nothing new. In fact, M/s Barr has joined a long list of people who have used blamed Ambien for many disturbing behaviors. One such example is Tiger Woods. The police found him sleeping in his car while it was in the middle of the highway. During the medical examination he had many drugs in his system and one them was Ambien.

Some of the side effects of taking the drug

People who have taken the drug have reported diarrhea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and nausea. There have been reports of people experiencing abnormal thinking patterns and changes in their behavior. In fact, these changes in behavior are similar to those who are under the influence of alcohol. The Approval labeling given by the FDA has warned about the possibility of depression getting worse and if the person had thoughts of committing suicide then these conditions become worse.

Response to these allegations by the FDA

Due to the different reports covering the side-effects reaching it, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to act. Taking all things into consideration especially that the drug can impair several activities of a person including their ability to think rationally and to drive. That is why the FDA has highly recommended that people reduce the dosage from 10mg to 5 mg. This is because they feel when the drug is present in large amounts in a person body, it has the ability to create problems even the person is fully awake.

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