Ambien Story of a Customer

Two good friends of mine in their mid-30’s ventured into my beach house all of a sudden. I was elated and glad to receive them, having been able to catch a glimpse of those two glorious souls after many long years. Perhaps, it was a surprising visit on their part that left me amazed. As it happens in any friends gathering, we cracked jokes by pulling each other legs notoriously and plunged into waves of laughter. The mood was unrelenting to the extent that we started ringing up few our friends and poked fun at them. Being the first visit of my long time buddies to my new beach house, I decided to treat their taste buds with new delicacies. Having known the type of food they love to eat, this time around I took a choice of ordering some foreign delicacies making them experiment something new. Much to my surprise, they loved the entire menu and had a blast that night. By the time we dispersed from the dining table it was around 12’o clock in the night. They say that the craziest and wackiest ideas are born in friend’s gatherings. We chatted for long hours and decided to take a stroll down the beach.

Ambien to treat InsomniaIt was really a merry time. After a while, we all entered the home after bathing ourselves in furious waves. I was damn tired and about to doze off. Hence I requested my friends to get back to sleep as it almost the wee hours. Unfortunately, to my bewilderment, the moment I uttered the word “sleep” their faces became pale. I couldn’t understand the reason behind their reaction. Upon prodding them further, there came the reply that they haven’t had a good night’s sleep for the past two months. And that’s when they confessed to me that they are suffering from Insomnia condition. Having associated with the pharma industry for many long years, I recommended them to buy Ambien without prescription so as to save the otherwise time-consuming process of consulting the doctor, and the getting the prescription written for the medical condition. Before letting them administer the medication, I explained the tremendous potential of Ambien and its underlying ability to cure Insomnia condition.

In fact, as a friend, I convinced them with the fact that Insomnia is completely a curable condition and shared some latest statistics about it to emphasize a point that they are not the ones battling alone with this condition; rather there are multitudes of people suffering so deeply. A recent research states that 10% to 40% of the adults are affected by Intermittent Insomnia and other 15% experience long-term sleeping difficulties. All the more, I happen to hear that many people affected of Insomnia purchase Ambien without prescription as they can’t afford the cost of consulting a physician to get a prescription. Perhaps, it was at ease in explaining to them that Ambien is the only medication that can balance the brain chemicals. And much to my delight, they seem convinced and comforted. To ensure safety, I advised them not to take Ambien in increased dosage strength, as the medication stays in the body for about two days before getting metabolized completely. And that’s the reason, I told my friends to be aware of the medication before ordering Ambien without prescription, so as to be not engulfed in wrong perceptions.

Ambien Dosage

ambien dosage 5mg pillAs I was instructing them about the Ambien’s usage, I told them to take Ambien for not more than 5 weeks. I ordered Ambien in dosage strength of 5 mg, as they were about to take it for the first time. My friends being researchers in the field of medicine became so curious to discover its underlying potential in treating Insomnia and other sleeping disorder conditions that exist in human beings. Their quest for knowing much about Ambien made me hunt for resources that elaborate the working pattern of this medication. In the meantime, my friends were very much convinced about Ambien and the way it offers proactive relief. One fine morning, they both spoke to me and were heaping laurels about this medicine. It gave me a sigh of relief as I was eagerly waiting to hear a word from them. I gave them some meaningful tips about buying Ambien without prescription from genuine online pharmacies. Though belated, my research on Ambien yielded pretty good results and I was able to gather some noteworthy information that can be shared with my friends.

How did Ambien work for my friend?

ambien worksSurprisingly, I found that Ambien, Ambien CR, and Zolpidem are categorized as imidazopyridine chemical class agents which are found to be no way related to barbiturate hypnotic sedatives and benzodiazepine. Given the fact that my friends are undertaking their research in figuring out the complex bonding structure of chemicals in medicine, I was well able to explain the crucial role played by the neurotransmitter GABA. It is observed that Zolpidem binds with the BZ1 receptor associated with GABA (A) complex in high-affinity ratio. One important factor to be noted here is the difference in the peak concentration levels of Ambien. Zolpidem tartrate gets absorbed quickly from the gastrointestinal tract and carries a short elimination half-life. When you purchase quality Ambien from a reputed pharmacy in the dosage strengths of either 5mg or 10mg, you can find the Cmax levels (peak concentration in blood) hovering in the range of 29 to 113 and 58 to 272 respectively. Having shared all these stuff to my friends, I strictly told them not to administer this medicine before or after having a meal, so as to experience a faster onset of sleep.