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Medical Miracles with Ambien

Ambien, which is a very well-known medication in the United States used to treat the people suffering from insomnia. It is a very effective med such that its usage in the country is growing up periodically. The active ingredient present in this drug is called Zolpidem which helps in increasing the blood flow in the brain particularly in the area that operates in improving function and also it is highly effective in action. Other than treating insomnia, Ambien is also used and gave the promising results for depression, anxiety, jet lag and even for brain injury. In the below description, you will know more about the miracle saving of people when they are treated with Ambien.

This medication is prescribed to millions of insomniac people, they used to take Ambien as their good night sleep pills but they are seldom aware of its ability to normalize the functioning in some types of damaged neurons. This phenomenon is called as “Ambien Effect.” This was first recorded in the year 1999 when a man who has spent three years of the persistent vegetative state have suddenly regained his consciousness after taking a 10mg tablet of Ambien medication. Since then, many of the people have experienced this miraculous recovery from brain injury just by using Ambien. For this reason, many peoples are willing to buy Ambien medication.

For many years, ReGen Therapeutics in London has been researching on Ambien medication called “Zolpidem Project.” This ReGen has been developing new, low-dose and non-sedating formulations of Zolpidem whose main goal is to reverse the brain dormancy.

A study on Zolpidem has been launched which is federally funded by the government of the United States. This study was conducted by the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) in Philadelphia. It has almost enrolled about 100 people who are vegetative or in a minimally conscious state due to the cause of brain injury. This study had led by Dr. John Whyte.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) has reported that people who are in a vegetative state are just unconscious and they are unaware of their surroundings, however, they might maintain in a sleep-wake cycle and have periods of alertness. A person who is suffering from such condition for more than a month was in a “Persistent” vegetative state.

However, from the study that has been conducted by MRRI, Dr. Whyte has published a study report that involved about 15 people who are of vegetative or minimally conscious and they were given with 10mg Zolpidem by a feeding tube and from the result, it shows some improvement on people who have been tested. However, the effect of the medication was a slow process.

A father from South Africa had also been recovered from a coma after being given a sleeping pill. The usage of Ambien medication has been raising in the United States it is because of the work pressure that does not let the people take rest and sometimes this medication will help in curing the people of serious problems such as brain damage or coma.

Jen P. Nicole is a survivor of brain injury. She was found lying faceup in the driveway when her father saw her. She wasn’t breathing and her father couldn’t able to revive her. Then he called 911 for help. The medical assistance has arrived at the spot and begun giving CPR and took out the vomit that had collected in her mouth.

Nicole was 24 years and was met with T-bone collision and has been suffering from a brain injury since then and she was put to bed rest. However, the doctor who has treated her has added Ambien with her prescription as a sleeping pill. However, the effect was different. Ambien Effect has been caused which fixes her damaged neurons that results in improving her condition. This was really a miracle in the medical field. Nicole’s parents have spent years in finding a way to cure their doctor and however their hope for the recovery of their daughter comes from an unlikely source called Ambien.

Another person who has recovered from such a brain problem with the use of Ambien miraculously is Carter Morris. For three years, Morris was seen motionless, his eyes are open but unseeing the surroundings. It has happened after that devastating car crash on the highway. Doctors have said that he would never again see or hear or speak.

His parents took him to many therapists to cure their son of this traumatic disorder, however, it was really a miracle that Morris is now being able to see everything and speak well to all. The doctor who examined him as reported that his damaged part of the brain has been healing and getting back to normal but in a slow progress. It is because of Ambien medication that has been given along with the prescription. His mother Elena dissolves a pill in a little water on a teaspoon and fed it to him, and the result is miraculous now. In the recent years, many other studies have been conducted on Ambien since then.




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