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Ambien usage of Sean Penn during “The Late Night” Show

sean penn ambien usageSean Penn’s appearance on “The Late Night” show has caused the flow on the twitter after when the actor has admitted that he has been on Ambien before the start of the show. Since it is a prescription only drug, many are confused about which exact Ambien store has he got the medication from.

On the event night, Sean Penn, the two times academy award winner, who has appeared on Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Night” show has confessed that he has been on Ambien. As Colbert who inherited some of Penn’s Ambien hangover to continue up with the show.

Sean Penn has said “You’ve inherited a little bit of Ambien, I had to get asleep after a red-eye last night,” while relaxing on the couch. Not only stopping there, but he also started to cigar on the show wherein Colbert asked him not to smoke on the show an advised him it is not good for health.

After the interview, there formed a wave on the social media speaking about Sean Penn’s ‘disheveled’ behavior. The conversation and the response he has given to Colbert were not appreciable. Ambien intake has made him go dizzy and to cope with the show he started to smoke just how it does not end well on the internet surface.

When Stephen Colbert advises him to avoid smoking, Sean Penn made a joke of it saying “job security for oncologists.” This is not the first time that Penn has been on this controversy of using Ambien. When asked a question prompting to an answer, “How do you tell Sean Penn on Ambien from Sean Penn not on Ambien?” and as an answer to this question, Penn turns out Sean Penn on Ambien lit a cigarette and start to smoking on the live TV show of Stephen Colbert, then Sean Penn not on Ambien.

As of coming to the point, Ambien, the most prescribed drug for a sleeping disorder, which has been used by Sean Penn reveals that it is very active and efficient on the use. The action of the drug almost made the actor go on sleepy condition that has ended up in a controversy. It is clear now that usage of Ambien during a work or going outside that requires concentration such as driving or visit the live shows. Once Ambien was taken, it cannot be withdrawn easily until its full effect is completed. The social media users have shared their huge disappointment on Sean Penn appearance on that “The Late Night” show.




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