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Accusation on Trump’s Doctor for Handing Out Ambien

Trump’s Doctor for Handing Out Ambien

Well, it is not an easy thing to board with the President of the United States on the Air Force One. However, the chance will come with high responsibility, more than that when you are on trips with him are for long hours for which you do have to adjust between multiple time zones.

So it is not a surprise that most of the politicians might turn to Ambien which is a sedative drug that is widely used as a sleep aid medication. Though, many of the regulators and medicals experts were shocked to know that Dr. Ronny Jackson, a personal physician to the Former President Obama and President Trump, has given out Ambien pills to White House staff and to the reporters who are boarding on such trips. D.E.A calls it an Illegal Practice.

However, the usage of Ambien which comes under such practices that are accepted but it is also illegal. Melvin Patterson, a Spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration has said  “You could be prosecuted,” towards Jackson. The officials from the White House has said that the accusations on Dr. Jackson are false.

Ambien has been used of millions of people in the United States and is one 0f the most commonly prescribed medication in the country. Though it is a controlled substance, there are some strict rules that are followed for governing its distribution.

Mr. Patterson also states that giving Ambien to the passengers on the plane would violate the Controlled Substance Act, and for that the penalties would include suspension or expropriation of the doctor’s authorization and license from D.E.A., to provide these drugs.

Ambien is a Controlled Substance which is classified under Schedule 4 drug by the D.E.A., that category would also include benzodiazepine drugs such as Valium and so which is having comparatively low potential for addiction.

Prescribing a controlled substance would require a examining the state of the patient and determine whether they need the drugs or not. Only the state-licensed physician is allowed to prescribe these controlled substance drugs which mean a doctor in Texas cannot write a prescription for a patient lives in Nebraska.

Many states are n0w having a prescription drug monitoring systems for controlled substances, said Dr. Richard J. Baron, the president of ABIM. Ambien is also included in that registry.

A doctor of that state must have to enter the information into that registry which would help in identifying a patient. It is mainly due to prevent the patient from switching from doctor to doctor, getting them addicted to the pills from each. Dr. Baron has also added that it is usual for a doctor to hand out drugs to the patients. Most of the time, they only prescribed drugs and it is not a good way of medical practicing to prescribe any medication such as Ambien to people you do not know.

It is not also a safe thing of sharing the medication with the family members to the one who does not have a doctor’s prescription. People who need to buy Ambien from premier Ambien store for their long trips must have to get a legal prescription from the doctor before the trip begins.




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